Miss Lady V Pageant Questions
*Initially sent to all registered contestants on 2/26/11.

1. If you could develop a new slogan that would increase awareness for HIV vaccine research, what would it be and why?

2. If President Obama called you on the phone and asked you why he should continue to fund the effort to find an HIV vaccine, what would you tell him?

3. How would you describe a world without HIV in it?

4. For some people there are barriers to participating in HIV vaccine trials (such as fear of the unknown or inconvenience to your schedule). How would you address those barriers with people?

5. How would you spread the message about UPenn’s HIV vaccine trial (HVTN 505)?

6. Why do you want to urge people to participate in vaccine research?
7. What will you say to someone who says “I’ll let others participate in these studies until I know something works?”

8. How can different communities (i.e., the local gay community, the medical community) help support HIV vaccine trials here in Philadelphia?

9. If you were considering participating in HVTN 505, what would you tell people close to you (your mom, partner or friend) about why you would participate?

10. When we have a safe, effective HIV vaccine, what will you tell others was your contribution?

11. Since not everyone is eligible to be in an HIV vaccine clinical trial, what are other ways people can contribute to HIV vaccine research?

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